Local is best. 

Farm to fork, although a relatively new term, is an age-old concept -  get what you eat directly from the source. Cut out the middle man, eat fresher products, and directly support the hard working farmers and producers all around you.  

In a time when a spoiled society has grown accustomed to fast, cheap, easy, and always around, we've all but lost the connection to our food - one of the most vital components of life. In the push for cheaper and more convenient food, we mass produce. We ship across the country, across the oceans. We add preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients and flavorings. We've made our food less healthy and less tasty, and we're allowing large corporations and factories to stifle the  the true makers of good food - farmers, ranchers, and small producers. 

Thanks to a growing local movement, more and more people are standing up to factory farms, and spending more of their money on local goods. In the past couple decades, farmer's markets and CSAs are experiencing a steady growth, increasing every single year. More businesses are putting focus on local sourcing - even large grocery stores have recently increased a focus on local sourcing. 

Since it's inception in 2014, Psychedelicatessen has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars directly back to local suppliers, thanks to you. 

While not all of our ingredients are local (let's be real - we couldn't survive in a progressive, urban oasis without avocados!), we are proud to be on the forefront of the local movement in this area, sourcing over 75% of our ingredients and products locally, year round. 

We hope you enjoy learning about some of our farmers and producers. For a complete list, visit our bagel shop and check out our source map! 

Buckley Farm

Located on Highway 50 outside of Ballston Lake, Buckley Farm is a 300 acre farm that practices sustainable and ethical raising of cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. 

They adamantly support loving care of their animals, providing wide open pastures, non-GMO feed, and high quality veterinary care, never using antibiotics or growth hormones. 

They have an on-site butcher and a seasonal cafe that serves their meat, eggs, and other local vegetables. 

Our products: grassfed beef for roast beef and soups, pastured pork for breakfast sausage and smoked deli ham, and fresh eggs. 


Denison Farm

Denison Farm is a family-run and certified organic farm in Schaghticoke, NY. They have practiced sustainable and organic farming methods for over two decades, and recently became USDA certified. 

You can become a member of their CSA, for your own share of organic vegetables, or shop at several markets and co-ops. 

Our products: potatoes, onions, carrots, and other seasonal vegetables


Battenkill Creamery

Battenkill Creamery is an award winning dairy farm located in Salem, NY.  

Started in the family over a hundred years ago, Battenkill Creamery now supplies over a hundred local stores and restaurants with high quality milk and ice cream. 

With a cult-like following, Battenkill's chocolate milk is quite possibly the most creamy and delicious chocolate milk you've ever tasted - it's our not so secret ingredient to our famous Battenkill Mocha and Battenkill Crack. Don't take our word, though, try it yourself!

Our products: regular and chocolate milk, cream, and seasonal eggnog

LucyJo's Coffee

LucyJo's Coffee is a family run organic coffee roastery in Hebron, NY.