A bagel shop like no other. 

Our mission - Provide our customers with the most delicious and freshly made food as possible, using as many locally sourced, organic, and minimally processed ingredients as possible! 

Our bagels -  Skillfully hand rolled, boiled, and baked every day! While we have a wide variety of more modern and experimental flavors, we pride ourselves on preparing our bagels in the most traditional manner possible, using a third generation Jewish recipe and method. 

Our ingredients - We proudly source over 75% of our ingredients and products locally, year round! From grass-fed beef and pastured pork, to rich, flavorful farm eggs, to award winning milk and cheese, to organic produce and dressings, right down to our flour and cream cheese, over $100,000 a year in supply purchases goes back to the local farmers and producers. Thanks to you!

Our shop - Part cafe, part hippie lounge, 100% good vibes. Sit down for a quick bite, or crash on a couch with your feet up and enjoy a book. We welcome all. (Except assholes. That's not really our M.O.)

Our website - Ok, it's been over four years and it's still not finished. I have no excuse. Really, it's up so we can link our online ordering system. Feel free to nag me about it if you see me. Seriously. 

Privacy policy - our policy is quite simple. No information of yours is taken, therefore no information will be sold to anyone. Ever. We just don't believe it's right.